Fiction, nonfiction and activist resources written by Suki Linnell

Short stories

‘A Fine Day’s Sport’ ~ The Mechanics’ Institute Review. Read online. (July 2020)

‘Extraction’ ~ Ossian Magazine, The Second. Order online. (December 2019)

‘Default Therapy’ ~ Alright BritainRead online (PDF). (Alright Britain, March 2019)

‘Little England Gothic’ ~ Knock Twice: 25 Modern Folk Tales For Troubling TimesOrder online. (RealPress, October 2017)

Rapunzel’ ~ There Was A Knock At The Door: 23 Modern Folk Tales For Troubled Times. Order online. (RealPress, November 2016)

Ossian magazine


Book review ~ Bolt from the Blue by Jeremy Cooper. Read online. (Mechanic’s Institute Review, March 2021)

Book review ~ This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion HandbookRead online. (Red Pepper, September 2019)

‘5 things I learned by going politically renegade in Moreton Pinkney’. Read online. (PoliticsMeansPolitics.com, May 2017)

‘Exclusion blues: a brief history of life as a Labour party member’. Read online. (Medium, September 2016)

Handbooks for community organisers

Toolkit for action: Engaging with conflict, challenging hate. Contributor & editor. Read online (PDF). (Quakers in Britain, March 2020)

Toolkit for action: Owning power and privilege. Author. Read online (PDF). (Quakers in Britain, April 2018)

New Economy Organiser Network Power & Privilege Guide. Co-author. Read online (PDF). (NEON, September 2015)

Resource written for British Quakers